Leadership Mastery Assessment

If you are a leader who has had some success in your career but now find yourself lacking passion and you're looking for those answers as to why, I am glad you are here. Do you desire to live an extraordinary life however things are just so out balance you’re not living in abundance? Imagine if you had more - Freedom, Time, Power, Passion, Dynamic Relationships and A Fulfilling and Rewarding Career. That would be awesome wouldn't it? Yet, like many, you may not be clear on what steps you can take to create meaningful shifts so you experience true joy and fulfillment in life. Well today is the day you begin to Take Command of your life and create the life of your dreams!

If you're ready to ...

  • Understand what is not working, what is holding you back and why
  • Uncover behaviors that are sabotaging you professionally and personally
  • Say goodbye to burnout and frustration
  • Learn new ways to think and identify hidden leadership skills
  • Have more joy, fun and laughter in life 
  • Invest in yourself emotionally and financially to create the life and career of your dreams
  • Take ACTION and ACHIEVE goals....

The Leadership Mastery Assessment is what you need!

In as little as 4 minutes you’ll not only discover the areas where you are on track and doing well, you’ll also pinpoint those areas that really need your attention in order to achieve the success you desire and deserve in life. Depending on your score, you may be eligible for a complimentary Discovery Session by phone or skype to get support in what's next.

Once you take the assessment, please check your inbox right away. Not only will you receive your results, you will also receive some important “next steps” I am suggesting you take based on where you are today. My intention is to have you walk away from this assessment with greater clarity and inspiration to take powerful action to have a extraordinary life, an amazing career and a life of abundance.

So let's begin....

0 = I’ve not addressed this at all.            4 = I’ve given this some attention.

7 = I’m doing really well here.                10 = I’ve totally nailed this.

I. Purpose and Vision

1. I clearly understand my life's purpose and how I make a difference through my current work

2. I feel good about my ability to convert my vision into a successful action plan

3. I review my goals and vision daily to keep me focused and inspired

4. I know where I get stuck and have strategies to move forward

5. My business/career values are closely aligned with my personal values

II. Mindset

1. I have a spiritual practice that quiets my mind and allows me to gain clarity

2. I feel connected to source or a higher power that gives me a sense of calm and purpose

3. I am completely free of self-sabotage and procrastination

4. I have strategies for moving out of a place of fear, disappointment or negativity

5. I have a strong belief in myself and my ability to achieve my goals and dreams

III. Productivity/Taking Action

1. I energetically pursue my set goals that keep me focused on actions designed to move me towards my ultimate vision

2. I have a daily practice that grounds me, connects me to my vision, and prepares me for the day

3. I assess what's working in my life and business/career and make adjustments accordingly

4. I have daily practices that keep me stress-free and out of overwhelm

5. I have someone that holds me accountable to my goals and commitments

IV. Career Satisfaction

1. I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day

2. I feel vibrant and alive in my work and look forward to Monday morning

3. I take time to celebrate my accomplishments and growth

4. I take time out for personal growth and learning increasing my knowledge and skill base

5. I feel valued and easily and consistently earn what I am worth

V. Leadership

1. I give myself permission to take risks, experiment, innovate and create things

2. I see challenge as an opportunity to expand and engage

3. I have a clear system in place for resolving conflict, do not judge and do not take it personally

4. I am comfortable interacting on all levels and understand the importance of engagement and communication

5. I take time for self-care without feeling guilty

VI. Commitment Level (0 = not very committed, 10 = I am very committed!)

1. I am ready and open to discovering exactly what's been holding me back

2. If invited, I would like to schedule a complimentary session to explore some next steps

3. I understand the importance of investing in myself and getting support so I can take command and have an extraordinary life and fulfilling and rewarding career.

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